Thursday, December 31, 2009

The ESL Dating Diaries

Has anyone else in here ever been on a dating site and received a reply from a woman who speaks horribly broken English? Can you imagine how much fun it would be to reply back in broken English? I first tried it 3 years ago, and thought it was funny enough that I thought I should post them in my blog for my friends to get a laugh or two out of it. I was shocked-I was just aiming locally & I reached England!
The blog wound up developing a cult following, I started reading it at open mic night at the college. It turned out that every woman I wrote to was just trying to get me to send money overseas. I caught on & simply dragged them along as long as possible to milk as many jokes out of it as I could. Some of the strangest sentences i've ever seen came out of these e-mails. I had one that turned the sunset into the scarlet decline, that one took me a few minutes to figure out.
This past summer, my work situation looked ugly enough that I got desperate enough to try & turn the entire collection fo them into a book, and I wound up signing with a literary agency that's trying to get me a book deal out of it. They only work on commission so i'm still encouraged even though they haven't gotten me a deal yet.
I have uploaded it into Amazon's kindle section, and almost went into print. Luckily, I ordered a "proof" copy & looked it over & realized it looked like a well put together, really big college term paper. I've almost finished fixing it, and I plan to order a new "proof" copy on Friday. If it arrives as quickly as the first proof, I should be able to start selling printed copies of my book, The ESL Dating Diaries: A Collection of Broken English Love Letters, by the end of next week.
If this book does well, you should see what I have planned for a follow up :)

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