Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #3: I'm A Cruel & Heartless Bastard Sometimes

Hi! Nice to see you here!
In detail having studied yours profile, I have understood, that I have found that looking for already during long time. I very much need in real man because I can not find him in any way. And my heart prompts, that it YOU! It can seem to you strange, that I speak, but it so. It speaks my heart, and it speaks me, that my choice is correct, but our future dialogue will depend also on you.
My name is Lyuba, me of 28 years and I never thought that I shall start to build relations through the internet. I want to find the man to which I would give all my love both would care, and would receive his love, protection and support in exchange. I - very sociable, thoughtful, kind, and the optimistic person. And for full happiness I do not have not enough man with whom I would like to create long and serious relations. Here that I wanted to tell you. If my letter has not left indifferent you then write to me on mine email.
I hope you will answer me soon!
Bye! Bye!


And then it was my turn….

Hello to Lyuba! I too for studying of profile you, but informing of you is done not much of profile you. Details withdrawn of person you, why is not you to telling things many of you? What of a hobby of you to extinguish the boring after the working day? Where in your living place of Colorado Springs is the neighborhood of home making to you? Do you like Kermit The Frog? You the woman not told much of self in profile. Unlike mine. I tell all, like The Enquirer. Apologies of mine, for I am unthinking that heart of mine screams YOU YOU! I must share that although heart of mine is incomplete as of the current time of now, I have received replies two of women wanting to share of the heart mine, and I stay hoping of one for them to fulfill it.
I have to go bathe my frog now, goodbye!

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