Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anna Jello Chick, Part IX

Wow, I haven't scared this one off yet! Maybe that'll change after this e-mail?

HI Dan.
I once again pleased to receive your letter. I always feel pleased when I see your letter. To give you a better understanding of me, I want to tell you about their dreams and that is why I decided to look for a man on the Internet:
I like every woman dreams of being loved, I want to be near a man who would cold nights warmed by his love. I would like to cook him dinner when he comes home from work, have dinner together, go to the theater or cinema, exhibitions, or simply watch walk down the street. I would like to travel with someone you love and not about someone not to think but to him.
You are probably wondering why I'm looking for a loving man abroad, but not in their homeland. The fact that the guy with whom I met during one year, deceived me, all this time he promised to marry her, but when I began to insist on marriage, he admitted to me that never was going to marry me. After this had passed half a year, I have not met with anyone, withdrew into myself, I found it hard to trust anyone else.
Once I came close friend to me and said that her sister corresponded over the Internet with a man from Australia, and then left him to live and now she is happy. I was hesitant in the beginning so do not believe that this could be for real. But now I am thankful to her because she gave me the names of the road on which we met and I'm happy.
Tell us what you dream? Why are you looking for your future wife through the Internet, unless your country is not worthy of women?
I'll wait for your answer. Anna.

I really think I got on a roll with this scammer, it was fun to write to this one.

Hi Anna.
I again am made to be catch up on a letter. I always please myself when I see your letter To donate more knowledge on my person, I will tell of my reasons for quest on a Internet.
Like all women, I want to be cold when it is warm at night. I have ceiling fan in my room for this exact purpose. I want to go witness the concert, or go on a disco. I have always wanted to hang from a disco ball when I’m so drunk the room is spinning! I want to spend time with someone you love, good quality time, like 45 minutes! Do you have a sister?
I am looking for a broad, and I will not share her with my homeboys! Which is my problem with the ones here. They have all been around the block more than the bus! My last one, over a year ago, was a cheater! I came home to find her on mine favorite recliner, with three guys! When I left in disgust, another arrived at the door to join in! I am not want a broad like that. I am only want one woman for one man.
I have heard many happy stories of persons make acquaintance on an internet, I guess it is possible? Maybe someday happiness will be mine as well, but not complete until it is here. Maybe you can help to make it be found? I have good heart, but weak wallet. Let me know if this is an issue. I go now. Dan

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