Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm No Optometrist, Part 1

There's so many to write to that i'm afraid i'll get confused if I just number the titles like the old days, so now I have to come up with distinguishable, memorable titles, whether it's something she said, or something I said.
Also, one more new format change-i'm posting their "about me" sections from their profiles so you can all see how I spot these :)

Oksana's profile:
I am the lady who is really serious in her search. I am looking for the man who is willing to find his happiness. My friends say that I am an optimist who believes in miracles. I think that we should enjoy every day of our life, and personally I am ready to do everything for my man to become happy. If you want to get to know me better you can write me and I will be glad to answer you. I am cheerful and sociable person. I like communicating with people, a good company. I am very caring and tender,generous, caring and loving. I am a compassionate and emotional lady. I don’t like quarrels; I appreciate peace and harmony in relations. I keep to my promises and appreciate sincerity in people.
I am a sociable person, I easily find common language with people. My friends suppose me to be kind, optimistic and cheerful. I can say that I am a decent person.

My email:

I am lovely and lonely too. I eat cereal in my search. I currently find happiness single-handedly. I am not an optometrist, I major in psychology. It would be miracle if your person arrived to me and made it happy. I am a cheerful sociopath who will be ex-communicated from church and run a company, I am careless and generic.
I do not own a compass. I like squirrels, I would like to get a piece of it. I have no social life and I speak only one language. I is good at the English! Friends say I am a decadent person.
Please reply with most rapid so I can email you again.

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