Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #25: Dis"grace"ful Return

I’m getting more bold, I actually emailed her to start this series!

Greetings many at you! I am Dan, and I like picture you! Please do tell more to me of you?

She responded-

Hello it been nice to read from you. I am Laura by name from Florida and I am right away now in west Africa Nigeria. I am light and also I am easy going, honest, kind. I lost my dad last year ago when he was traveling to China with some Chinses men’s, and my mom lives here in West Africa. I do study art work and 29 yes old I will tell you more about me and if you do have your Yahoo ID, here is my ID ***********

I still have yet to meet any of Chinses men. I hope he’s not a mobster.

Hello again Laura! Many pleasantries are directed at you. I am currently at Airport in Sydney, Australia, getting ready to fly home. I have a rich uncle who flew me out there to visit, it was nice. My Uncle Sam is a good man, he loves seeing others happy, even if he does have to deficit spend.
I am sorry to hear you lost your dad. Where did you lose him, and do you think they will ever find him? I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see. Maybe these Chinses men can help find him since they lost him in the first place?
Well, good luck in the search for your dad, I hope you find him soon! I have to go now to do some homework, I am back in school studying Russian, and I really need to polish my Shoes. Goodbye for now!

Dan (by name)

Note of pedestrian:
Here is the link to the video of me reading this one with my friend Laura at my book signing at Poor Richards on June 23rd:

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