Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #26: better late than never

Okay dear, but I would also love to be with you there because I can really see you are enjoying and did you tell your uncle about me, and also concerning my what I mean was that he is dead that mean is late, so you are the only one I have as a man family, so I want
you to reply quick because I really want to be with you there .

Bye love.

There's a fine line between hitting below the belt, and just flat out punching someone in the toe! I can't even see the line after this one, the line is like a dot to me!

Hello again Laura!
Sorry I didn't get to tell my uncle about you, he dropped me off and my flight got delayed, but I just got in from flying, and boy are my arms tired!
I'm sorry I misinterpreted your what I mean, that's sad that your father died, but I know what you mean about him being late, dead people never show up on time for anything!
So when you say I am your only man family, did you mean you find out somehow that we are related? My father was quite the ladies man, it wouldn't surprise me if he slept with your mom too. Well, I have got to unpack and plan something for a late dinner, I didn't eat during that long, long flight because airline food is disgusting. Good night for now, sis!

Dan (by name)

Additional pedestrian note: This entry was also videotaped at the book signing I did:

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