Saturday, December 18, 2010

Positively Angelic, Chapter 1

I may be a little rusty, but I can still spot these just from reading their profiles. There's alot more where this one came from, but for starters, check out the profile from this one named Angel I found recently during a 7 day free trial:

Angel's profile

I search for the man with the positive attitude to a life. Having good sense of Humor with one quote in mind “KEEP SMILING". Following the motto of " Be Happy and make others Happy". Love to workout and I am very much adventurous. I'm honest , kind , caring , trustworthy , , I like to whach movies , football , . i would love to meet a Man that is simaler to what I listed . A man that would give me the time and day to be in his life. I can’t wait to meet my future husband soonest.
Im looking for a mature honest man, not looking for games, I am looking for a nice romantic man that is bold and confident of herself, a jovial type, an extrovert to be precise...someone that can change dull moments to happy ones , a kind somebody, caring, honest and trustworthy..someone i can lay my back on when i am tired and weak. I am looking for a down to earth person that has human feelings and believes the world is not his home just a farm to plough, an honest, caring and kind fellow that can defend himself when it comes to love and knows how to treat a Woman good. I can’t wait to meet my special man soonest.

I wish I had asked her what kind of taste she had in movies, maybe we whach the same movies?
I am the positive man with the positive attitude to a life. I am absolutely positive about this. I have pleasant sense of humor, am amorous, rusty, I like to whack movies. I am similar to what I listed. Except that I have lots of acne, mainly on my back.
I do not play video games. I am bald, I act juvenile, and am extra-terrestrial. I can lay you on your back when you are tired and treat you very much good. My friends say I am very declined to the third rock from the sun. I am special, I went to special education classes in high school.
Please email me back at a most urgent soon and I will be capable of a reply.

Her reply:

Hi!!! My name is Tatyana. If you would like to get to know me better write to me in hope to receive from you news...

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