Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #47: Dan On The Run

Hello Dan!!!
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter now. I am very glad that we have found each other. I think that to both of us very much has carried. I think that you very good person. And I wished to learn about you as much as possible. I hope that you will hide nothing from me as well as I from you. I know that we with you can find common language.
How are you doing Dan? I hope that at all of you perfectly. Today there was a just fine sunny day! And how at you there with weather? Dan know I would like to tell today to you little bit more about itself. As I to you already told I work nurse in local hospital. To like me my work. I like to help people. Know Dan as pleasantly to receive from patients for your help their smile. It is very pleasant to look at people who are pleased lives. This feeling simply to not describe words.
I Work already almost 6 years. I medical have finished college in city Igevsk. Also has received specialty degree pediatric. After the termination college I have arrived back to myself to city as in our hospital there were no workers. I live together with my mum in a small apartment. We with it have enough place in it. We with it as two best girlfriends. We can talk about all. And never the friend about the friend we hide nothing.
And you Dan have a family? Tell to me about it? I with pleasure shall listen about it! Simply I wish to learn as there live people in other country. As I still never was outside the country. And very much would like to visit, look all world there. But while it only dreams which I hope that sometime become a reality.
Dan I shall not tell that I the happiest person on the ground. In fact I grew without the father. I never saw it. I do not know why my mum has missed it, but likely on it were very much greater the reasons. And you have a father? Tell to me more about your family? About traditions of your family? I very much would like to learn about it! Dan I promise you that I too shall answer all your questions. In fact I very much want that we have learned each other. Dan today I send you a photo where I am at home. I shall wait for your letters.

I want to go to Termination college! Just think about the possibility of their nationwide ads-”Someday, you too could be a T-1000!”

Hello Svetlana!
It was very much pleasant at me to receive reply to reply from me to you. I am glad I found you too, I never was good at those Where’s Waldo things, so I acknowledge I am very lucky! I will to hid nothing from you, I was in the jail for a difficult minute; no, wait, make that a difficult three years until; my brother got me out. If you’re ever there, that tiny little cutting device in the cake really does work!
I speak English well, but if you throw a little Russian at me, I will know some. Just don’t hit me in the head with it, cranium mine very fragile. At all of me is satisfactorily, the weather go to pleasant, I to work as waiter in restaurant, bad wages but great tips! A man once told me, "Never take a wooden nickel".
I hate people, I wish someone would just push them off cliff when they annoy me. Today at restaurant is a lot of persons who say, "uh", every other time they say something. "Yeah, uh, I will have uh, the...." I keep wanting to hear one say, "duh" after the “uh” .
You went to the termination college? Did you get to meet either Robert Patrick or Arnold Schwarzenegger? They were both Terminators, so I would assume they’re alumni. That hot chick from Terminator 3 would be cool to meet too. There’s a couple scenes in that movie where if you pause it at the just the right place, you can really check out that hot body of hers. I am glad to hear you are back to yourself, I was a celebrity for a while once. It was very weird; well worth the money though, those Hollywood guys are chick magnets, and even when they’re not, they can always afford an escort service.
I hide nothing about my friends either, my best friend is one of those only out to get laid kind of guys, and he’s on Yahoo too. I have family, two brothers, Billy Joe Bubba John Jimbob, and Crazy Legs Charlie Horse. We call him crazy legs because he was hit by car, and he walks all funny, so we make fun of him for it. I have not seen him since I got out of jail, but I will try to contact him at some point. Billy Joe might be the happiest person underground, I’m not so sure he survived the gun battle. He’s wanted to die ever since Britney had her meltdown & lost the kids. He’s tried to get locked up in the same loony house as her, but no luck yet.
I see one thing we have in common now-I grew up without the father too! I only knew of the spirit and the holy ghost, and Bucky Ray, the Satan chaser downer. My other two personalities are bigger fans of him than I am. I’ll introduce you to them next time, I have to go soon before they find me, I’ll talk to you later!
Your forever,
Dan on the Run.

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