Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL #118? : Yes Anastasiya?

Chapter 7: Yes Anastasiya

I’d be lying if I said Tori Amos wasn’t an influence on my writing. It took a combination of Tori Amos, Ice-T, and Yanni to pry my mind open back when I was listening to nothing but death metal. Tori started it by covering Nirvana, then Ice-T formed a metal band called Body Count, and Yanni’s “Reflections of Passion” became my fall asleep tape that worked for the better part of a decade. Those three combined helped me learn to think outside of the box.
If you’ve never bothered to check out Tori’s lyrics, try looking up the song Space Dog. I was totally reeled in the first time I heard the line “racing turtles, the grapefruit is winning”. When they’re telling me things like “on her fault to us could not the client will phone”, it leaves me stuck trying to get past “the essential barrier of language was”, hence the name for volume II. So, on that note, please enjoy the next chapter of breakings with the English.

ESL #118? : Yes Anastasiya?

My fellow Tori fanatics will get a kick out of me naming an ESL blog after one of her songs, but it's only too fitting since that's her name :) Well, supposedly, I mean it's the name this one is using. I'm sure she will just follow the usual protocol & ask me for money in about 8-10 emails.
One little problem I just thought of-I used an online cyrillic keyboard to write to her in Russian since i'm almost certain she's going to claim to be Russian. So, this one could backfire on me in two different ways:
1) Myspace's program won't be able to read the Russian writing & it'll show up as ??????????? instead of the cyrillic letters
2) She thinks i'm 100% fluent in Russian and emails back in nothing but Russian. I know a little bit, but not enough to carry on a conversation that lasts for several paragraphs. It would take me days to write her back if she did that. Remember, it did take me 3 tries to pass Russian, and even that was a C.

I think, at us much in common and to us will be to communicate about what.
At me it is a lot of work and consequently it will be better to us to continue dialogue through mail.
I will wait for your letter! Nastya =)

Just for the sake of translating-this first line written in Cyrillic says “Hello Nastya!!!! My name is Dan, I’m 34,I study Russian language at Pikes Peak College.”

Здравствуте, Настя!!!!
Меня завут Дан, я 34, я учус Русски язик в Пикс Пеак Колледж. And how is your day? Is my Russian okay? I have returned from work to check email on a dating site and witnessed your profile removal. Praise be to the Gods that you give email address :) I wish that your person gives a return email after I send mine. Well, I must be sleeping soon, I hope to hear from you again.
(Goodbye! Dan)

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