Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anna Jello Chick, Part V-Let The Body Hit The Paragraph

Okay, I can now be almost certain this one is using a program of some sort to string me along for her scam. How do I know? I caught one of the funniest bloopers i've seen a long time in her email, and I took the joke, beat it like a dead horse, and then tied the dead horse behind a truck and dragged it for 70 miles!
She accidentally left in the word "Body" right in the middle of one of her paragraphs! I'm guessing this program shows her how to build an email: header, introduction, body, ending statement, and place your name here. So, I followed a similar pattern, here's what happened:

Hi my dear friend Dan. I am very glad to see your letter. I only came in an Internet cafe and very happy to see your letter. I am very glad that you understand my position and that I am writing to you. I am also pleased that you are saying. Now I know that you will always be in my email. I see that you are a very remarkable man in his letters. I want you to send me photos always. I will also send you photos. I will do soon new pictures to send to you.
I want to tell you Dan what I love to do in your spare time. I love listening to music. I listen to pop music classics. I love to watch TV I usually watch the news what is happening in the country. I love to read books. love spending time with friends. We go to restaurants in the cinema. Body. How do you spend your free time? I hope that you will never game with me. I hope that you are the man whom I was looking for. Because I really came to the internet to find love and hope that I'll do that. Ask me what you want to know about me Dan. I just do not know what you have to say. Now I need to go to work. I'll wait for your letter. Anna.

Please allow me to introduction myself….

Introduction. Hello Anna. I am not in a cafeteria, but I am still reading. And writing. And arithmetic. It is true that I am saying. You will forever be in my thoughts, my prayers, and my email. I see that you too are a very remarkable man in her letters, whether consonants or vowels!
The second paragraph. So you like listening on a music in my spare time? I like it much to listen music in your spare time! I don’t care what’s happening in country music though. I am literate good for make the read on a book. I will only game with you if we play in two player mode, or if you play rock group.
Closing paragraph. I do not know what I have to say either, you can just put the words in my mouth and I will spit them. I need more of them though ,since this is a last paragraph. Oh well. On a departure note I wish you good day and much smiles and sunshine and puppies. Write your name here. Dan

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