Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #45:Empty Invention?

This one might not last too long, she’s already referring to herself as my girlfriend, so I imagine she’ll be asking for money pretty quickly. By the way, coincidentally-you guys will never believe this part-she is also currently out of town! So I am wondering, is she going to get mugged, which will leave her robbed of her plane ticket money home, or will she simply have a family emergency overseas which will require her to ask me for money? There’s always a really good twist when it comes to their financial needs, but it usually falls on my shoulders, which means she’ll be up a certain creek & lacking said paddles.

Hello Dan!!!
Know I is very glad that you have answered me. About one today I thought that it is simply empty invention. But now I see that was mistaken! Dan I very strongly wish to find here the present love. Many people speak what to find the person with which will be ready to lead all remained life on the Internet simply not probably.
My girlfriends speak that here many people which are ready to deceive and play on feelings of people. But I hope that you very decent person and too search for the present love. Dan I on the internet the person new and for the present do not know much. But I hope that our acquaintance to proceed and you can learn me to many things. Dan I am very glad that in such boundless space the internet I have found you! You were spoken sometime that by you very nice the man? And for me would be the big pleasure to learn you better. I hope that you can to love me. In fact I still never got acquainted with the man thus. For me it that was new.
Dan together with my letter I send you my photo that you could present with whom you talk. On it a photo, I am on a holiday in our city! I too with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you also your photos! Write to me I very much I wait.
Your new girlfriend Svetlana.

I’m still a little puzzled about what an empty invention is, but hopefully she’ll clear that up in the reply.

Hello Svetlana!
I too am glad that you have replied to my email, it not was being invention of emptiness. I too very much strongly have the desire to find the current emotional counterpart which counters mine, which must be countered because it currently not countered.
I loneliness the experience of large amounts of time, and necessity it is for good woman to be the salvation from such experience. Deceiving is not of intentions mine, I here to look for the love. I am required by myself to ask the question-are you origination arrival from Russia to Pueblo?
I very much have the weakness for women of Russia, I even to make study myself the language! I too the person new on internet, I have been to the Yahoo site since the two weeks past, and many women replies not. Even when I send emails again and again, they simply say "stop emailing or I block you" or sometimes they get restraining order.
But they do not see the real person, me, the nice man, who simply yearns for love and affection. They see picture, not personality, not heart, words, but not the real me, for I in the person am infectious, and not with disease, but fun! At me to you is the good hearted man, who will treat you like Queen, I will be your Bohemian Rhapsody.
I very much want to know more you, so say more you for at me is the good listener, my person will hear all spoken by you. I photo new not yet of mine, but at further moment will add new batteries on camera for the creation of me. So, what holiday they have on your city, or which city are you in? I was guessing you are Russian, am I close? I hope to again hear from you soon, for meeting of us would be splendid! We should get together and make great big pot of borsch when you make the return. email soon you, much anxiously I await,
goodbye for now!
Your new boyfriend Dan

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