Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Diaries: I'm No Rocket Surgeon, Yet....Part I my friend Craig sent me an e-mail he got from what appears to be a Nigerian scammer. I figured if I just reply back myself there's a good chance they'll recognize the e-mail address & we won't have a Part II. So, I convinced Craig to let me make him a character in this series! Now i'm thinking that volume III is going to have to be a series where the male character is someone besides me. I simply took the little bit of information I had-and made it entertaining enough (I hope) that she'll reply back to him. Craig will have to keep being the middle man for this to work, but this could be very funny if things go right!

Hiya, what's up? hope you're in the top of the world! I'm new on here and was just passing and stumble over your interesting profile, I'm sarah, single from denver in colorado. I happen to be easy going, like to cook, read, hang out with friend and family and looking for friend, soul mate and serious relationship in life with whom i can always share this nice life with and create a happy home, if thing's finally work out for us to meet in person, i really want to know you more better and develop more feeling's for you if you're not been choosen already, I'm always up for yahoo instant chat if you don't mind to me sometime's in your free time and here'is my E-mail; hope to read from you soon...

O.K., so since this was a new idea, having someone else operate as the middle man, I had to create a funny character out of my friend Craig. I took the little bit of information I had on his current situation, and twisted it around. I knew he had just moved to Alaska, he was going to college. I’m no rocket scientist, but I figured if we mixed two really prestigious, high paying jobs together for what he’s studying. This is how he became….A ROCKET SURGEON! Think about it-surgeons do well, rocket scientists do well, so what if we mix both together into one job?

The sky is north. I am currently seated in front of the computer, but if I join NASA I could be located above the world! I’m Craig, single from Alaska but originally from Colorado. I am easy, going to college, study rocket surgery, I like my cook, I can read, I hang out with friend on a most regular basis, I write long sentences with lots of commas and very few periods or exclamation marks, I would like to get to know you more better if it is possible in spit of our distance since I have not been the choosen one yet, and my home is very happy now that I have moved to Alaska!
I hope that our distance does not make a bother to you? Please let me know if it is a problem, because I am perfectly happy chillin’ up here in Alaska! I must be returned to my studies, rocket surgery is complicated, but someone must be to learn it! By for now!

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