Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating #55: Don’t let the sun go down on me, leave that to scarlet :)

Hello My Dear Dan!!!!
How are you today? Dan I hope that you were not afflicted on me! Excuse that could not write to you yesterday. Easier me have urgently caused for work. Dan I am very tired because did not sleep all the night long. It was necessary to me much work.
Dan I thought of you. Thought of that than you are engaged at present and it has helped me to work all the night long! Ideas on you and give your letters to me to energy and forces. Dan I am very glad that we have met you. I still never met such the man as you. And I hope that our attitudes on it not will stop and will get even greater force.
Dan I yesterday on work have laid down to sleep. And when I have closed eyes began to dream. You know about what? I dreamed of that as we walk together on sandy coast on which except for us anybody is not present. You went beside with me, having taken me for a hand. And silently gentle words and compliments whispered in me ear. I was simply in the seventh sky with happiness.
Then you have called me to sweep on your yacht, to show me as the decline is fine. You have brought me to the finest place on the ground where the scarlet decline was seen, around sang birds and except for us a number was silence and rest. We danced on a background of this decline and drank champagne. I was simply happy. And then you have presented me the a gentle kiss.
But unfortunately then I have woken up. And me was so it is not a pity that I could still hardly take pleasure in this dream. As though I wanted that all my dreams became a reality. Dan know I want that you sent me of your photos more. I every day wait for them with impatience. Today I wish to send you a photo on which I and my girlfriend in work. I hope that it to like you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours and only yours Svetlana.

The scarlet decline=the sunset! Isn’t that awesome?!

Greetings at you Svetlana!
It is a splendid day today, the sun is at most radiant, the winged creatures are performing songs in a most harmonious tune, and my shoes are tied! At me is much work as of the days recent, but most happiness I find at the dwelling mine in my time of not being at employment location. We would love to meet the woman as you, for woman you are once in a time of life, and that is not many!
Thank you for telling me of your dream, now I to have dreams of your person also. At me in a dream is your person in a form of a mermaid, and we swim and play in a large body of water with the dolphins. The scarlet haired girl declined at me again, just as she did in your dream, and wow, she left me empty, it was much the sexy time! You and I had fun also afterwards, we shared many hugs and kisses.
Then we transport to the shore and express affection on the beach. I cover your body in a delicious chocolate sauce and we both enjoy it much, but then I wake up and realize I have to go pee immediately! I have close call but narrowly to make avoidance of urination in mine pants! I took much pleasure in this dream, can you give it to me again? I would like it if you decline not in the background this time, you should go at me much closer, it would be fine.
I will bring the champagne in dream again; I will even bring extra so I can pour it on you. Today I try to add new picture, picture of me is older, when the hair was shorter. I await yours next letter and picture; much anxiously await me to see reply you!
Yours, yours, and yours exclusively,

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