Saturday, December 18, 2010

ESL Dating Reply #63: "I shall burn down up to completely"

Hello my gentle and tender Dan! My love Dan I is very glad to receive today from you the letter. Your letters are always full of love and passions. I thank the God that it has presented us each other. My prince Dan and you is happy? You are glad that we have got acquainted with you? Know I never before not met such the man as you! You the finest the man on the ground. And I consider myself as the happiest girl on the ground because I have you Dan!
Dan forgive me for that that I did not write to you so long. I all time while was absent sat near to my grandmother. She very badly felt herself. But now to her it became good and now I can write to you. I very strongly missed under your letters and I hope that you too missed. Forgive me please once again. I every day recollect those days when we with you have each other found.

Dan I love you, you light of my dream. And you remember day of our acquaintance? Dan your image I see each instant, every day! I shall not throw you, you to me believe. At me the big desire to be beside together with you. I passion am overflowing, feelings accrue, ideas about you each other replace! For the sake of you I shall disappear, I shall burn down up to completely. If only, only you, you waited for me.
Friends speak me is impossible so further to live, I did not represent that it is possible so strongly to love. For me you king, a uniform string, I cannot go through separation from you. Minutes of misfortune I shall be near to you, I shall warm love, I shall embrace the hand. I shall press to the heart ready from love to blow up. You to me are more dear than all I is ready to admit.
Your deep breath, separation the friend without the friend excites me is not present anything is more sad. It is unimportant to wait, suffer, go through how many. Anything to me will not prevent you to love! The muse helps to write lines about love, I wait for you a kitten to me you are necessary only! Each second without you as a knife on heart, at night on you I grieve. Why we not together?
Dan you my God, you my destiny! In night silence I write about you verses, to see somewhat quicker you my dreams. Dan you as the drink of freedom is necessary to me believe. Twists my reason ruthless melancholy, a pain, feelings accrue, be with me always! I Miss and wait, to wait I hate, but I you love let everyone it hears. Except for you more nobody is necessary to me!
You all in my life. And I am ready on all for the sake of you mine Dan! My love Dan today I wish to present you my photo. Let it bears to you caress and love. In this photo I houses at a window, I miss, to me it is a little bit lonely.
I hope that I am fast too I can receive from you your photos. I with impatience shall wait for them...
For ever yours and only yours Svetlana.

I really need to start writing broken English poetry.

Hello my dear sweet Svetlana!
At you is thanks for reply again from letter mine, much love I to receive your letters, they make always much radiant the day mine! I too praise Allah that at you to me reception make! I am very much pleased that at you me to make the meeting through phone connection computer acquired access to make mine acquaintance.
I am glad your grandmother felt herself good, I hope she enjoys it! To be pleasant of the health makes the mind more enjoy it the life. I today still recall on the occasion which we made the acquaintance with you, it was fond! Your images are still held in difficult control of computer, I very much enjoy at me to view them.
I would never throw you, we too sewn togetherness in emotions! I heartfelt desires explosion create, nothing to think of at me for other thoughts except for you! To me you would make value for maneuver to acquire the meeting in which we to acquire each other. Please not make impossibility to further do life, we are required to do this more so I can acquire more the funds to make flight for the seeing of you!
I much would love you to embrace the hand and press to the heart, but I fear I would blow up, for heart yours would near certainty make explosion of me! Please not make much the grief while awaiting the heart mine, I will someday at you be to make us become us! I would wait tables if necessary to make me fly to you. I am the hope that much work in the time of the warmth to make at me more finances appear, so destination you is acquired!
I wait cannot to hear from you in electronic letter again, please email back soon! I will try to remember to make purchase of new camera during shop in days of next. Much love to be received from me-


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